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We are an industry-leading textile manufacturer with famous names in fashion, lifestyle, and sport using our services. As textile experts, we produce high quality and ethically manufactured towels, bespoke clothing, socks, home textiles and accessories.

We make life easy for our customers by providing a 360° production process, taking the challenges from your hands to ours. We listen and understand your requirements, consequently advising on the best way to bring your brand to life through textiles. You cherish your brand and so do we.

With more than 40 years of industry experience, it is no surprise we do textiles the right way.


1. Design
Illustrator CADs and Tech Packs

2. Sourcing
Fabrics, Trims, Labels and Packaging

3. Sampling
Preproduction and Gold Seals

4. Production
UK, Europe and Turkey


We work closely with you, our designers, and technical teams to ensure your final product is what you envisioned.

360° Service

From the design stage to bulk production, we take care of all the aspects required to develop, make and deliver your products within the agreed time frame.

  1. Design (CADs and Tech Pack)
  2. Sourcing (Fabrics, Trims and Labels)
  3. Sampling (Prototypes, Fit Samples, Preproduction Samples and Gold Seals)
  4. Testing (Colour Fastness and Stability Tests, Legal and Safety requirements)
  5. Production
  6. Quality Control
  7. Packaging (Garment Bags, Boxes, Header Cards and Belly Bands etc.)
  8. Delivery


01. Supply Chain

As a result of our 40+ years in the industry, we have built strong connections with mills, factories and fabric and trim suppliers. We visit them yearly to maintain links. This means we can stay across innovation in production techniques. We pride ourselves on a responsible approach toward manufacturing.

02. Production

Thanks to our production methods, we make high quality products. Our expert teams cater to most projects, at the same time meeting your needs and budget. Dyed to match and stock fabrics, colour matching, embroidery, printing, and bespoke packaging are our strengths. In short, you say, we do.

03. Communication

First-rate contact with our clients and supply chain is vital. The opposite can affect the quality of production and delivery timelines. Hence, you will often hear from our happy team with progress updates. With relevant and detailed news, we respond swiftly to your emails and phone calls.