Ethically Produced Towels, Clothing & Accessories
Bringing your brand to life through textiles

We specialise in creating customised textile products for fashion, lifestyle and sports brands as well as businesses and organisations that want to bring their brands to life through textiles.

Our Mission

Producing high quality, well made products with integrity and care and delivering excellent customer service are at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to bring these together and become trusted and valued partners to our clients.

You cherish your brand and so do we

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The Cotton Textile Company is a trusted partner to many famous names from the world of fashion, lifestyle and sport, supplying high quality and ethically produced towels, branded clothing and accessories. Whether you are an established brand or just starting out, we can support your needs and advise on the best solution to bring your brand to life through textiles.

A Complete Service

We develop your ideas from brief to delivery so you can get on with running your business. Our team will manage everything for you: design, sourcing, production, quality control, packaging and delivery. We ensure each stage meets our high standards and we deliver a product everyone is proud of.

Bespoke Production

Whatever your project requires, from stock fabrics and yarns or dyeing to match to a Pantone through to embroidery, printing and bespoke packaging, our manufacturing solutions and strategic sourcing enables us to produce high quality products which meet your specifications and budget.

Supply Chain

We have developed strong relationships with fantastic mills, factories, fabric and trim suppliers and we value these partnerships highly. Along with our quality control and sourcing team, we visit factories annually to stay in touch with the people, new technologies and importantly to ensure ethical social and environmental compliance is in place. We pride ourselves on a responsible approach towards manufacturing.


We believe excellent communication with our clients and our supply chain is vital. The quality and consistency of correspondence is reflected in the quality of the production and the timeliness of deliveries. Regardless of the season or peak times, we always stay on top of our emails and answer phone calls promptly, ensuring every element of your production runs smoothly and stays on track.

Order Process


The process of course begins with your ideas. Once your designs are finalised and the principle production elements settled, the timeline is agreed, and you place your order. Now we order lab dips/fabric swatches, samples of trims, make graded size sets and set up screens and embroidery files. Our garment technologist is heavily involved at this stage and if relevant will organise garment testing, in line with our testing manual. Once the individual elements are approved, we move to pre-production sampling and dyeing of bulk fabric starts. At this stage small changes can be made, and we start or continue with testing.

Bulk Production

After approval of the pre-production samples, we move to bulk production. Bulk fabric is cut to pattern, sewing commences and trims are delivered.  Here we carry out in line inspection against the approved pre-production sample and although the fit of the garment cannot be changed at this stage, there may still be time for changes in trims and other embellishments which are usually added towards the end of the sewing process. Throughout this stage, we reference back to the pre-production sample to ensure production is accurate and as items start to come off the production line, we create a gold seal.

Packing & Quality Control

Once production has finished, your garments are ready to be packed. We encourage people to avoid using plastic wherever possible and have recently started to pack garments in compostable bags and we secure the header cards onto socks with a stitch rather than plastic kimble. Once packed and boxed, QC can take place. Our independent QC’s make their selection from sealed boxes and carry out quality control, based on the 2.5 AQL process.


Once your order is complete, we can help co-ordinate your designated shippers with the production team at the factory or organise the shipping for you. Depending on your budget and time frame, we will advise you on the most cost-effective solution to get your goods delivered by road, sea or air.  We work closely with our freight forwarding partner to ensure a smooth and reliable transit from the factory to your warehouse.