Bringing manufacturing home to Great Britain

Over the last year, as the Cotton Textile Company strives to improve our offering, whilst at the same time managing our ethical and environmental impact, we have been turning our heads to explore UK based manufacturing options.

The UK has a plethora of home grown brands that manufacture all of their product in their own factories throughout the UK, from woollen jumpers, blankets and socks in Scotland to rain coats in Manchester from jeans in Wales to shoes in Nottingham you could dress every day in British products made from British made fabrics.

Our own partners in Europe and Turkey are almost a necessity largely due to a lack of capacity in the UK at this current time, a balance that we hope to redress in the short to mid term.

As Christmas approaches this year and with it a period of opulence, fun and a possible relaxation of the publics focus on waste, recycling and our carbon footprint, with this in mind we have taken the Make It British ( top 10 reasons to buy British this year.

We have also listed 10 excellent British made brands that would make excellent Christmas gifts:

  1. You are supporting British craftsmanship – many of the products made in Britain are made by hand using skills that have been handed down through generations – think woodworking, glass blowing, weaving and knitting – actively seek out something not mass-produced to support skills and craftsmanship.
  2. You are investing in something of quality that will last – British made products may sometimes cost more, but because they are often better made the cost-per-use or wear is actually much lower, meaning you give a gift that can last for years.
  3. You are giving something more unique – products manufactured in the UK are usually produced on a much smaller scale than things made abroad so you are less likely to be giving the same gift as everyone else.
  4. You are bestowing a gift that doesn’t come with a huge carbon footprint – have you ever stopped to think how mass-produced foreign imports get from the factory to the shop floor? It’s not likely to be on a slow boat from China these days. More often than not it has flown here from the other side of the world, leaving a massive carbon footprint behind it.
  5. You are creating employment for British workers – why pay for goods that have been manufactured overseas when you can help boost the British economy by keeping people in jobs here?
  6. You are nurturing home-grown talent – in times of recession many designers leaving college can’t get jobs working for big companies so they set up their own brands in order to continue doing what they love. By buying their products you are helping to keep the retail market in the UK exciting and vibrant.
  7. You are buying something made locally – isn’t it better to give something where you know its provenance and where it’s come from?
  8. You are preserving the future of British manufacturing – by actively seeking out gifts made in Britain you are helping to keep the skill of manufacturing alive in this country. The UK would be a much duller place if everyone worked in a service industry.
  9. You are spreading the word about buying British – the more people come to realise that we do still make things here, the more they might seek them out too. And an increasing demand by customers for things made in the UK would force retailers to think twice about where they source their products from.
  10. You are making excuses if you say that you can’t find anything UK-made – It has never been easier to find products made in Britain, here are 10 for starters.