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Custom Beach Towels

Custom Beach Towels – Jacquard Woven or Digitally Printed

Custom beach towels are a great way to promote a brand or product. At the beach or by the pool, branding is far-reaching. Above all, the products are bespoke to you. With the choice of Jacquard woven or digitally printed towels, you can let your creative juices flow.

The Cotton Textile Company collaborate with fashion brands, private labels and high street retailers to provide a 360° service. As a result, we maintain quality. Towels manufactured by us are found on tennis courts worldwide and in football and rugby club shops across the UK.

Bespoke Digital Printing

The Digital printing technique gives a high definition quality to each custom beach towel. By injecting ink deep into the towel pile, we create remarkably detailed and photorealistic images.

Jacquard Weaving

Both have a minimum order of 100 pieces. Our most popular sizes are 70 x 140cm or 80 x 160cm in a cloth weight of 450 or 480gsm and finished in terry or velour. Other size and cloth weight variations are available. 

We can use alternative weave effects to the traditional Jacquard weaving so that branding opportunities stand out. Such as relief weaveeffect weavedouble Jacquard border, and a dobby border/hem adding dimension and texture.