Design Notes

Most popular towels

  • Beach Towels. Often the largest towel available with sizes starting at 70 x 140 cm and rising to 100 x 200 cm. Both woven and printed are popular finishes with the printed often being a velour finish. Quantities start from just 100 pieces.
  • Sports or Gym towels. Our most popular is 100 x 30 cm and Jacquard woven with quantities starting from just 300 pieces they are also a great corporate or locker room gift.
  • Tri-fold Golf towels. Many clubs and corporate or charity golf days will use a trifold golf towel with an embroidery as a momento of the day or venue. These are available from stock in 8 colours and we can supply either plain or embroidered.
  • Woven Golf towels. Since the earliest days of golf players have needed to clean their balls and a towel is by far the best way to do this. Many of the larger clubs and resorts that work with now offer woven golf towels that incorporate the club crest as a souvenir or gift. These are usually 40 x 60 cm and finished as a velour towel with a carabiner hook.
  • Bar Towels. Fishing Towels. Bowls towels. The baby’s of the towel world. Jacquard woven and just 24 x 50 cm in size these towels, for their size these towels have been produced with many of the world’s biggest names in drink and sport. They truly are the brand carriers…
  • Bath room towel sets. These packages generally include face cloths (30×30) shaving towels (24×50), guest towels (50×80), bath towels (70 x 130) and bath sheets (up to a whopping 130x160cm!). These are always a terry towel and often have a double jacquard border or dobby hem which incorporates a design or logo.



The latest digital print technology works in a similar way to your desk top ink jet printer. Using 16 different coloured print heads, loops of yarn are dyed. The smallest “spot” is 3mm2 allowing colours to be overlaid or blended which means even the most intricate of designs can be printed with photographic realistic finished product. This type of printing has the greatest impact on velour towels but also acheives a fabulous finish on Jacquard woven and plain toweling

For technical specification and sizing questions please download this easy to read PDF


Rotary print works differently to digital. It is screen printing where the principle differences to digital printing lay in limited colour choice and no ability to blend colours. This type of printing is best suited to high volume, low cost promotional or retail towels and other textile products such as t-shirts and polos.



Jacquard weaving is probably the most used type of weaving because it produces a high quality product with maximum impact. Jacquard weaving is the technique whereby a towel has its design incorporated into the weave instead of being printed or dyed on. Most suited to a design where the branding needs to be shouting out!

Double Jacquard

The Double Jacquard process creates an area of flat fabric that is woven into the towel as part of the main process. As this is area is flat, any artwork that needs to be incorporated as part of the design will be more representative than if replicated in standard terry. Select this process when your branding is intricate and/or contains several colours

Relief woven

This creates a de-bossed image on a towel which can allow for subtle design impact. Most effective on single colour designs


Using cotton, polyester, silk or metallic threads, embroidery is done on a sewing machine where a template is programmed into the machine and each garment is individually embroidered with your logo. This is a cost effective way to add branding to your t-shirts or polos

Heat pressed

Most commonly used on flat fabrics, sequins, rhinestones, diamonte or SenCilia™ can be glued on using high temperatures to create a design of your choice or of course your own branding


Neck, care and brand labels are a cost effective way of re-branding an existing product. For example, by re-labelling a Fruit of the Loom polo with your logo, you have created your own branded product with minimal investment. Of course, any bespoke product could carry your own label

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