Digitally prepared reactive printed towels

The process of breaking a design down to its individual elements and understanding how every square millimetre of towel needs to be printed to re-create a design or photograph ensures that we are able to print some amazing imagery on to towels. From globally respected artists to photographs of sporting events and animal life. Our processes mean that the finished towel has not lost its softness or fluffiness and because we dye the fabric rather than print we have extremely vibrant colours.
Our printer which is roughly the size of 4 London double decker buses is essentially a great big inkjet printer with 16 coloured heads. This allows us to print tiny areas of the towel with and using reactive inks means that the image is dye the fabric producing a towel that is colourfast from the moment it leaves the production room and for many years and washes to come.

The complexity of the printed design will often dictate whether we recommend a terry towel or velour towel as the finished article. We offer several weights of terry towels for printing and a preferred weight of luxurious Velour which has been developed with our private label clients.

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