Iconic Brand Licensing Ltd

Working with a leading brand licensing and sales development company, Iconic Brand Licensing Ltd, the Cotton Textile Company has developed a range of exciting and unique products that are now available to for retailers and also to be co-branded

The globally renowned and often copied London Street Signs were designed in 1967 by Sir Misha Black and the copyright and intellectual property of the designs are now owned by Westminster City Council.
London is one of the world’s greatest cities and is streets are steeped in history. From Pudding Lane and the great fire of London to Abbey Road with the Beatles famous image on the crossing London probably has the best-known streets in the world.

Each product that has been created within this range has to carry across a number of street names to ensure maximum potential in sales. The core opening range includes Oxford Street, Carnaby Street, Abbey Road, Baker Street, Covent Garden, Kings Road, Piccadilly and Portobello Road.

With any number of corporate head offices in arguably the financial capital and biggest retail environment on the planet the range allows for dual branding for instance Hamley’s of Regent Street or Harrods of Brompton Road creating opportunities for a corporate business to really celebrate their London location.

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