Order Process

Scissors. Order process for clothing manufacturing

1. Pre-production

Step one of our order process consists of presenting your ideas to our experienced teams. We work with you to finalise designs and production elements. After placing your order, our team will take care of the rest. Next, we order lab dips/fabric swatches, samples of trims, make graded size sets and set up screens and embroidery files. Our garment technologists are heavily involved at this stage. Therefore, they will organise garment testing in line with our testing manual, if required. Once the individual elements are approved, we move to pre-production, sampling and dyeing of bulk fabric. At this stage, we allow for small changes, and we start or continue with testing.


After approval of pre-production samples, it moves to the bulk production stage. To summarise, the bulk fabric cut, sewing begins and trims delivered. In this stage, we carry out an inline inspection against the approved pre-production sample. Although there can be no changes to garment sizing, there may still be time for changes in trims and other embellishments. To ensure production is accurate, we refer back to the pre-production sample throughout this stage. As items start to come off the production line, we create a gold seal of approval.

3. Packing & Quality Control

Once production has finished, your garments are ready to be packed. We encourage people to avoid using plastic wherever possible. As a result, we have recently started to pack garments in compostable bags. Furthermore, we secure the header cards onto socks with a stitch rather than a plastic Kimble. Once packed and boxed, QC can take place. Our independent QC’s make their selection from sealed boxes and carry out quality control based on the 2.5 AQL process.

Custom Socks


The last stage of our order process is delivery. Once your order is complete, we can help coordinate your designated shippers with the production team at the factory or organise the shipping for you. Depending on your budget and time frame, we will advise you on the most cost-effective solution to get your goods delivered by road, sea or air. We work closely with our freight forwarding partner to ensure a smooth and reliable transit from the factory to your warehouse.