The Cotton Textile Company partners a wide range of clients with their needs for socks. Offering both traditional cotton socks and environmentally and ethically friendly Bamboo socks which are not only better for the planet, they are softer on the skin as well.

Socks are designed and produced for a host of reasons and needs, we try to cater for as many of those needs as possible including;

  • Crew Socks
  • Trainer Socks
  • Tennis Socks
  • Walking socks
  • Sports socks
  • Non- Slip socks with rubber grips to the sole
  • Slipper socks

Our most popular socks have the design knitted into the fabric, we can also offer a sublimation printed sock on high volume orders, these are great for promotions.

As we develop our ranges focussing on performance and comfort we are increasingly using natural wools and Bamboo viscose and yarns. Natural products, particularly Bamboo have great anti-microbial and antibiotic properties. Man-made fibres struggle to compete with natural fabrics on an environmental level, Bamboo for example is not only more ecologically friendly during production but also composts at the end of its usable life…so it is truly a fabric that will change the face of clothing manufacture.

By using a mix of fibres and understanding the key properties of each one we believe that we can produce the best socks for your needs, ensuring that were needed we can warm, cool and keep your feet dry. With the use of re-inforcement and pressure pads in critical places we can help you perform in your chosen activity for longer….

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