Jacquard weaving and different branding techniques

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This episode is addressed to those of you who are interested in branding options for towels.

Richard is talking here about what is considered one of the most effective ways to bring value to a towel, by customising it using the Jacquard weaving technique. He will briefly explain the concept of Jacquard weaving and the branding options it can offer. Of course, there are other customisation options available, like digital printing or embroidery, but we have noticed with our customers that they tend to prefer the Jacquard woven towel option as it offers better value for money.

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The difference between short staple and long staple cotton

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This is our first episode from our ‘Talking about towels’ series.

In this episode Richard King Co-Owner and Director of The Cotton Textile Company talks about the differences between short staple and long staple cotton and how the raw materials chosen for towel manufacturing provide a different finish and feel to the final product. He briefly mentions about branding options available for bespoke towels, a topic that will be discussed more extensively in future episodes.

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