The Cotton Textile Company SNAPS back into action.

The Cotton Textile Company (TCTC) has chosen to support the SNAP Charity for the second year and has decided to go further and higher during 2020.

Putting on a clean SNAP t-shirt, Richard King, TCTC Director is now in training for the Brighton Marathon which takes place this April and will then be climbing the world’s tallest free standing peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, in October.

SNAP Charity is a vital support service to the families and carers of children with mental and physical challenges. The amazing team there fill a huge void that isn’t provided for by the NHS or other public services, including counselling for the families to help them through the daily challenges they face.

In 2019 SNAP carried out 858 sessions which helps families to develop ways to support their wellbeing. By providing tailored support, they will help families to:

  • improve their self-esteem and confidence;
  • reduce feelings of isolation;
  • improve family communication and relationships;
  • empower children and young people through identifying coping strategies
  • and empower parents and carers by providing resources and knowledge to better support their child’s needs.

Richard comments, ‘Having seen the help SNAP can offer to families through their counselling services we decided this was an area we would like to support. There is a cost, which is borne by the charity of £65 per session and we would like to fund as many as possible. It also makes it simple for sponsorship as you know that your £65 directly helps a family’.

To donate please go to or if you are interested in sponsoring Richard’s shirt please contact him at