The importance and history of Jacquard weaving technology

Joseph Marie Jacquard (1752–1834)invented the Jacquard Loom and along the way made the greatest development yet seen in the weaving process. His invention meant that multiple coloured and intricate designs could be woven into not just towelling or woven products but also knitted fabrics as well. Jacquard weaving sped up the slow labour intensive process of using a Drawloom.

Many of us will recognise the old image of an organ being wound up by a monkey in the street fairs of old. The punched paper that was read by the organ is a similar concept to that employed by early Jacquard Looms.

Not only have Jacquard’s developments and inventions changed the face of weaving and fabric production but it is also said that he heavily influenced Charles Babbage and could therefore be seen as a forefather of modern computing technology.