Towels have been a useful and valued product for centuries which is why we believe they are perfect to bring your brand to life. Dating back to the 2nd century B.C. in the Aegean region of Turkey, towels were hand loomed, completely flat and known as peshtemel or hammams as we know them today. Fast forward to the 19th century when Joseph Marie Jacquard invented the Jacquard loom which allows 2 coloured yarns to be woven to create a design in the towelling fabric.

Our beautifully soft towels are 100% cotton, woven using Oeko Tex Standard 100 yarns and GOTS certified yarns for the even softer organic cotton options. Traditional Jacquard woven, or incredible photorealistic digitally printed towels can be finished in cotton terry or velour, and different weave effects can add colour and dimension to your product.  Bar towels, bath towels, beach towels, sports towels and where it all started, hammams are all valuable and effective additions to your retail or promotional range.

If you have a specific requirement, please call us to discuss your project in detail.